Do Not Interrupt

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May 312013

Have you ever had a situation when your phone rang in the middle of some important meeting or during a class?
Ever wanted to have a good night sleep with no disturbing calls in the middle of the night?
Maybe you just don’t want to be available during a specific time period for whatever reason?
Then Do Not Interrupt is the right application for you.

It behaves as an airplane or silent mode scheduler, enabling you to schedule time when you want your device to automatically enable or disable airplane or silent mode. You can choose whether you want your schedule to execute only once or on specific days of week. Once your schedule is set just enable it and let Do Not Interrupt do its thing.

Here are some screenshots of the application so you get a feeling of how it looks like:


IMPORTANT: This application requires root permission on Android versions 4.2 and above if you want the airplane mode scheduling to be enabled (to check your version go to Settings, then tap About phone on your device and check out the Android version field). This is because the way of controlling the airplane mode feature itself has been changed since Android 4.2. If you do not have root, or do not know what root is, and you have one of the above mentioned versions of Android only scheduling silent mode will be enabled for you.

This application has been opensourced.You can check out its code at GitHub.

Please send an email in case you have any suggestions or want to report bugs.

You can get it through Google Play, and don’t forget to rate it 5 stars if you like it and want to support it.


Pametne cike sa stackoverflowa su testirale koji od tri nacina generisanja poruka sa customiziranim sadrzajem ( + operator, string formatter i StringBuilder klasa ) i zakljucili su sljedece:


The result are as follow (average of 5 runs each):
Approach       Time(ms)  Memory allocated (long)
‘+’ operator     747           320,504
String.format  16484       373,312
StringBuilder  769           57,344


Drugim rijecima – koristnje StringBuilder klase za pravljenje formatiranog stringa je daleko najbolje. Koristenje “+” operatora je gotovo jednako brzo ali znacajno vise memorije zauzima.


May 172013

Zatrebalo mi pa nadjoh na internetu kako se ovo radi … osim pinch to zoom implementira i translaciju (skroliranje) kao na MapView-u te se uz malo maste moze primijeniti na svaki View a ne samo na ImageView.
Pa neka ostane:

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